Saturday, 29 March 2014

What National Identity, Lee Hsien Loong?

"Like London, we too must manage the stresses and strains of being a global city. But unlike London, we have no larger country which is our hinterland. Our city is our country. Hence, we must get the balance just right -- between national identity and cosmopolitan openness, between free-market competition and social solidarity,” 

What national identity? The terms of the Singaporean citizenship is hardly impressive. Male citizens born here have to serve National Service, while new citizens are exempted. Foreigners holding on to permanent residency enjoys equal rights from subsidies to employment. There is the CPF system that steals your earnings and refuse you your right to withdraw under all circumstances. Also, as a citizen, you have to compromise your standard of living because your greedy government wants to punch above its weight. Truth being told, the Singaporean citizenship is hardly desirable for any Singaporean born and bred here.

The Prime Minister is why.

Lee Hsien Loong is so far off the road he is either outrageously out of touch or simply just couldn't give a hoot about Singaporeans' livelihood. Based on skewed opinions from his grassroots members and massaged statistics from his mainstream media, he misplaced his priorities and misled the country into a soul-less city, policy after policy. Today, he continued to preach about his aspiration of making Singapore a global city while the problems of immigration, social order, security, retirement, healthcare, education and employment takes the back seat. Do not be surprised if he starts saying these are happy problems of a first world country, his idiocy can be astounding at times.

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