Saturday, 19 April 2014

Why is PAP defending Philippines Independence Day

Gone are the days when we could rely on the PAP to protect our interests.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and rookie Minister Tan Chuan Jin have thrown in their support behind the Filipinos and condemned Singaporeans who have spoken up. The argument from the PAP point of view has of course been simplified to vilify and demonize those Singaporeans who are actively defending their country's sovereignty. The PAP believe the Philippines Independence Day is just like any other cultural festivals. They make special references to "Singapore Day" events held overseas and shame Singaporeans for being xenophobic and even calling us a disgrace. This is a very huge accusation which is heavily discounting his credibility as a leader of Singapore, Singaporeans, with the exception of immature voters, are simply not going to take in such a superficial excuse. The Philippines National Day should be contained to within their embassy compound, the same way the United States and other foreign embassies does.

Flying your flag in another country right in the middle of the city is certainly inappropriate. It doesn't reflect us as a multi-cultural society, instead it confuses Singapore's national identity. Tourists and Singaporeans alike will be asking if Orchard Road has become the second Manila, but it appears Lee Hsien Loong is proud to have Manila in Singapore.

The mainstream media have picked up the article from The Real Singapore and are actively publishing pro-Philippines opinions to sway public perception. Fortunately, this has amounted to little effect. Singaporeans who started the activism are not even a little disgraced as Lee Hsien Loong wanted them to be. It is a good sign for country that there are Singaporeans who are proud of their heritage and are willing to go the extra mile to preserve what's left of their National Identity, especially in today's time of pro-foreigners employment environment. Keep it up Singaporeans, do no succumb, claim your space back.


  1. We do not and will not succumb to pap's desperation for political hegemony. The pap is going in the footsteps of the fallen UK Labour party, in the like of defeated Gordon Brown who once labelled UK citizens as "bigots" when told there were "too many foreigners". As sure as Babylon fell, so shall the pap fall with a mighty, thunderous crash!

    1. We do not need a leader to do the right thing. You can feel it in your bones to discern what's right and not.

  2. Hey, PM, are you an idiot ?

    As far as I know, Singapore Day is celebrated abroad as a tourist promotion for Singapore, nothing is mentioned celebrating Singapore's independence unless that is PAP's own hidden ulterior motive. So what has it to do with how the host country's citizens will treat Singaporeans ?

    Now the Pinoys are attempting to celebrate their independence right in the city centre and our idiot PM & his equally idiot Minister insist it is OK ? Using the PM's same idiotic argument, that it shouldn't matter the least bit if the Indonesians decide to celebrate their National Day in Singapore by honouring their latest heroes ?

    What a bunch of idiots do we have in PAP ?



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