Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Ban Philippines Independence Day on Singapore soil

Philippines Independence Day on Singapore soil?

Let's start drawing a line where multi-racialism and traitorship is. Private organizations creating events like the Songkran Festival that exclude Singaporeans on Singapore soil is already bad enough, however it is still tolerable in the name of tourism. On the other hand, celebrating your country's Independence Day and flying your national flag in another country simply means invasion and disrespect to the host country. This event should not be tolerated at all.

Did the Singapore Police issue a permit to congregate for this event? The event would most likely see conflicts between Singaporeans and Filipinos, especially when the population of Filipinos in recent years have been getting too large for comfort. Ngee Ann City should also be taken to task for allowing the event to take place.

Filipinos in Singapore are known to be self-containing. They generally do not see the need to integrate with Singaporeans and often form their own community in enclaves like Lucky Plaza. They believe Singaporeans are racist towards them when Singaporeans are actually equally unfriendly to all foreigners due to overcrowding. Filipinos do not understand the concept of overcrowding and the deteriorating quality of life for Singaporeans because their third world country is equally overcrowded.

Unlike other foreigners, Filipinos in Singapore have a sense of entitlement and supremacy. Despite their poor grasp of the language, they believe they have better English than foreigners from China and India. Where did they get the impression they are better than other foreigners is puzzling. The Singaporean impression of Filipinos are that they are all talk and no substance. True to a large extent given how the influx of Filipino workers coincide with Singapore's dipping labour productivity, Filipinos are actually not as hardworking as they believe themselves to be. Like other foreigners, their only advantage is being cheap and Singapore employers love cheap labor. PMET jobs often goes to foreigners because they have no National Service and CPF obligations like Singaporeans. This however gave the Filipinos a false sense of competence that they are actually better qualified than Singaporeans. Given how their university degrees obtained in Philippines are not recognized anywhere else in the world and their working experience in the Philippines labour market is largely considered unqualified overseas, it is little wonder why Singaporeans feel unjust to have their jobs taken over by someone inferior.


  1. Chill lah. We celebrated Singapore Day in London in March. it was a private event and we had overseas singaporeans all over Europe flying in. I am living in Oslo Norway and I flew in to attend the event. We waved Singapore flag, sang all the national day songs, ate local food and talked singlish to each other. Is that invasion and disrespect to the host country??

  2. I agree with JennD. There was Singapore Day in Australia a while ago and there was plenty on Singapore flags. Think anyone cares? Or uses the word traitor? It was great that the locals came and saw what Singapore had to offer and try the local delicacies. There's nothing wrong with celebrating Independance day here, there's only a problem with people like you.

  3. Yes, we had one recently in London, a $4mil party courtesy of the MIWs or rather our pockets. We would be hypocritical if we deny them their own day of celebrations.
    Shouldn't we be more gracious and not petty and small minded ?

  4. There is a difference between a cultural celebration and a national day celebration. Do you conduct house warming in your neighbor's home?

    It is very simplistic to call others xenophobic when this issue is all about having national pride which sadly many Singaporeans expressing their defence for the Filipinos are lacking.

  5. @Cheated Singaporean: The Singapore Day event in Australia was held at a public place, and they even banned Australians from coming in :-p.
    People do hold national day events in other countries, and in public spaces too. Thinking of that as invasion is a sign of Xenophobia. I am happy to see many readers - who have actually been expats - commenting sensibly :o). Thanks to them~!

  6. Cheated Singaporean -you are such a hater. I can definitely tell you are not happy with your life. If you are having pleasure criticizing other race and being so stressed out by foreigners in your country, well good luck to you! It must be really hard living the way you do, seeing foreigners everyday and trying to repress your hatred for them. What a pity. I am a foreigner myself and have a lot of Singaporean friends, I am just grateful they aren't like you.